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Declutter: 2019 Word of the Year

It came to me like a ton of bricks…literally. I was digging through the basement for that ‘one thing’ I needed to finish up an end of the year project and it all came crashing down {almost} right on my head.I come from a long line of hoarders. Like certifiable, poster child for, should be […]

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I mean, Jim Carrey, Muppet-style puppets, and on ‘for adult eyes only’ Showtime. What’s not to love? …then it got real. Like really, really, really, really REAL.I had NO idea what I was getting into. I had seen the internet commercials about what I thought was Avenue Q for adults. I love a bit of smart […]

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Top 5 Tips for journaling about grief

Top 5 Grief Journaling Tips ✍️

Thinking, and working, through grief is the most difficult part of loss. Often, you don’t know what your thinking {or even IF you’re thinking}… The best way, I’ve found, to actively think through your thoughts is by writing them down.  Once written, you can revisit, review, and rewrite over and over again.Remember, you’re not writing […]

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Sharing Solace Booth Setup

We Did It! Our Inaugural Event! 🦋

Phew! I made it through…it was an absolute mad dash at the ‘end’ to get everything done, set up, and pretty. But, I think things turned out OK 🙂Sharing Solace hosted our very first event at the Just for Her Expo in Kansas City last weekend. It was totally exhausting {…emotionally, physically, mentally…} and worth […]

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Guardian Angels

Maybe I’m too naive and trusting. Maybe I just want to like everyone. Either way, last week I had a chance encounter with complete strangers – and it was wonderful!I originally ‘met’ @OurClassCeeLife on Instagram. I read about her story and saw she was coming through Kansas City. So, of course, I reached out and asked […]

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