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2024: The Year Of Focus

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Last year, 2023, was a tough year in the ‘Webster World’. I, personally and professionally, felt thrown around like a rag doll in a tornado – like a fish constantly swimming upstream. I was pulled in so many different directions – to the point that I felt everything was a struggle and I wasn’t very effective at much of anything.

As you know, resolutions don’t really work well with me {like most people I suspect}; I just can’t seem to ‘make em stick’…for more than about a week and a half that is… I get distracted – or find something else that’s new and shiny – and I veer off course towards my next great resolution.

A few years ago I started incorporating an annual word – with the objective of moving through the year with a single intention to remember {not a bunch of resolutions and S.M.A.R.T. goals}. While I do seem to ebb and flow throughout the year {and sometimes forget to remember my word} it’s definitely much easier to maintain forward progress using just one {somewhat general} concept.

In 2024 I’m choosing to FOCUS.

  • FOCUS on leading Sharing Solace in the most fruitful direction
  • FOCUS on using my most productive hours in the day the best way that I can
  • FOCUS my energy on the 20% that brings about 80% of the results
  • FOCUS on being more effective and efficient
  • FOCUS on releasing the tasks and ‘obligations’ that no longer serve me {including those placed upon me by others}
  • FOCUS on performing a single task at a time instead of ‘multi-tasking’ and getting nothing done
  • FOCUS on measuring the numbers and holding myself accountable {objectives that are measured see movement}
  • FOCUS on removing the distractions from my mind, my space, and my time

Yes, this seems like a lot of focusing…and also a lot of words that might not seem like they’re saying much…so I’m putting some processes in place to help to focus on the important stuff.

  • I’ve created a visually beautiful {and small} daily task board and weekly accomplishments
    • The accomplishments will then be moved to an annual accomplishment board and shared out regularly on social media {to stay accountable} #bloominthru2024
  • I intend to write out {with actual pen and paper} tomorrow’s schedule and prioritize my top 5 items to accomplish TODAY {and place on my task board}
  • I will shower and personally prepare for the day – first thing – then ‘eat the {professional} frog’ before any other tasks, more fun/less hard, are done
  • I will implement the ‘Eisenhower Matrix’ and the ‘Flaming Torch Juggling Monkey on a Pedestal paradigm’ to determine priority of my task list
  • I will remove unnecessary clutter from my desk to reduce my ‘squirreling’ {out of sight out of mind, object permanence, and such}
  • I will use the Pomodoro Technique {and Grooves*} to create urgency in completing tasks

The more I think about it the more I realize this little word is actually really big…and I’m OK with that. I’m getting the things in place for 2024 to be the best year yet and I hope you’ll join me too!

What is your word for 2024? And how do you plan to embody it?

Do you have any other tips to help me buckle down and focus?

Catch you on the flip side {of the calendar} – cheers!!

* I’m not getting paid or anything for my connection to Groove – I just have really found it beneficial! Right now, it’s invitation only (though you can apply) so I went to the company and asked for some special invites to share. If you could use a little more quick accountability in your life {or wanna know how I use it} just send me a quick email. If I have invitations left to share {I only got a few} I will! *

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