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Our pre-loved tokens are our favorite tokens. They have a story within them, they’ve gathered strength and hope from others that have walked a similar grief path, they’ve been loved – and cherished – and are just ready for a new owner. With pre-loved tokens, strangers are coming together to offer support and camaraderie. Something that is much needed inside and outside the grief community.

We really hope that the owner can pass their token forward to another person they know {either personally or an acquaintance who’s story has touched their heart} but sometimes the timing doesn’t line up. The current owner is ready to release their heavy grief but do not have anyone who needs the strength. That’s when Sharing Solace holds the tokens until someone else is in need.

If you believe you would benefit from a Sharing Solace piece {and the accompanying resources} but do not have the financial means please use the below form to request a pre-loved token and/or locket.

Pre-loved tokens are not always available, nor are they given on a first come, first served basis. Tokens are disbursed at the sole discretion of Sharing Solace. An alternative to requesting a pre-loved token, and waiting for one to become available, is to set up a group gifting campaign for yourself or a friend.

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