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Sharing Solace’s First Press Release

I feel so official {and a little more adult-y than I would like}. I wrote my first press release. There’s just something so professional about a press release that’s a little intimidating, but it’s done now!{** ‘I’ meaning myself and several  rounds of revisions for a professional journalist…so really only about 20% of it I wrote, but […]

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My First Podcast 🎙🙂🎙 {Messy Roads}

 How cool is this!??! I’m an ‘expert’… Although it’s not really something that anyone wants to be an expert at. Oh well, I’ll take it…It was wonderful chatting with Sarah from Messy Roads to Motherhood. And it’s been such a long time since I’ve shared my entire ‘mommyhood’ story. And, there is something very freeing about sharing […]

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