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Your Hand and Your Heart

What do you do when you have a tummy ache….or, at least, what do you wish you could do when you have a tummy ache? You curl up into the fetal position.What do you do when you have a pounding migraine? You rest your head in your hands.What do you do when you stub your toe? […]

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F&%$k a Silver Lining

Panic! At The Disco came to town last night. I’ve been following them for years but this new album really struck me and I’ve been listening to it on repeat since it came out….so Kyle got me tickets to the sold-out show for Christmas.The first song on the album {the name of this post} has […]

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grief is a broken rib

Grief is a Broken Rib

{I’m speaking from experience here…of both…}You don’t just break a rib – it’s not like you turn the wrong way or get up out of the chair funny and **oops** you broke a rib. Something has to HAPPEN; you get in a fight, fall down a flight of stairs, get kicked by a horse…something powerful.The wind is instantly […]

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Be a Pineapple 🍍

You probably know how much I love my pineapples. If it’s pineapple flavored – I’ll eat it. If it’s pineapple scented – I’ll smell it. If it has a pineapple on it – I’ll wear it. If it’s pineapple inspired – I probably already own it!Did you know that pineapples are a symbol of wealth […]

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The Wedding Ring: A Parable

 I’ve been married for longer than I’d like to admit {so long, in fact, I tell people to got married at 16 so I don’t give away my true age (12 years in May)}. Last year, the hubs and I decided it was time to do a financial ‘physical’ – basically we just went through […]

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