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Grief is a Broken Rib

{I’m speaking from experience here…of both…}You don’t just break a rib – it’s not like you turn the wrong way or get up out of the chair funny and **oops** you broke a rib. Something has to HAPPEN; you get in a fight, fall down a flight of stairs, get kicked by a horse…something powerful.The wind is instantly […]

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Be a Pineapple 🍍

You probably know how much I love my pineapples. If it’s pineapple flavored – I’ll eat it. If it’s pineapple scented – I’ll smell it. If it has a pineapple on it – I’ll wear it. If it’s pineapple inspired – I probably already own it!Did you know that pineapples are a symbol of wealth […]

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The Wedding Ring: A Parable

 I’ve been married for longer than I’d like to admit {so long, in fact, I tell people to got married at 16 so I don’t give away my true age (12 years in May)}. Last year, the hubs and I decided it was time to do a financial ‘physical’ – basically we just went through […]

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