Why can the Inner Token be removed?
Removing the inner token is symbolic. We truly believe that grief never completely goes away – but at some point, you are ready to walk away from the tiresome, mood altering, debilitating grief that arrives right after a tragedy. When you choose to walk away from that deep grief a weight is lifted from your soul. The token symbolizes that heavy, initial grief. When you’re ready to walk away (and you know when it’s time) remove the token from your locket and gift it (along with a new locket) to someone starting their own grief journey. You hold your outer locket as a representation of the grief you still carry with you. By removing and releasing the inner token you are able to acknowledge (symbolically and physically) you’re choosing to release the heavy grief.
Why do I pass forward the inner token?
Passing forward the inner token to another griever represents passing along a bit of the strength you gained from your experiences. That strength will help that griever as they journey their own path – and show them they are not alone on their travels.
Why do I share my experience on the Forums and Journal?
Sharing your experience makes YOU the author of your story. Authoring your own story allows you to determine the direction and outcome. This helps to build community and camaraderie in a space that needs all the love and support we can get! Sharing your story helps you begin to heal. It can inspire others going through a similar situation. Sharing your story, especially in this safe environment, helps everyone take a step towards solace.
Why does each sharable inner token have a unique identifier?
The unique identifier allows you to follow your token as it passes from person to person. By registering your token using the unique identifier you add your personal ‘leaf’ to the Token Tree and gives you the opportunity to see who’s had your specific token before you – and later who will have it after you. Without this identifier, we couldn’t build the beautiful Token Tree and our community.
Why DON’T the outer lockets have a unique identifier?
The outer locket is yours to keep forever. It is not intended to be passed along to another person. Because it is not changing hands, an identifier would not serve a purpose. If you find your outer locket does not bring you comfort and solace you may pass it forward when you pass your token, or you can request a pre-paid return label to send the locket back to Sharing Solace. We will be sure to put it into the hands of a deserving person who needs the solace.
Why does Sharing Solace have pre-loved tokens?
When someone holds a token and is ready to release that ‘heavy on their heart’ grief but doesn’t have anyone specific to pass their strength forward to they have the opportunity of returning the token to Sharing Solace. We then pass forward the token {and the strength it holds} to another griever on their behalf.

Why are the Tokens and Lockets made from 316L Stainless Steel?
After a lot of research and thought, we decided that medical grade (316L) Stainless Steel was the best option for several reasons. Hypoallergenic stainless steel is super strong so it will hold up to years and years of love as it’s passed along. Stainless Steel does not tarnish like other metals do, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining and polishing your piece. Steel is slightly more dense than gold and silver – allowing you to ‘feel’ your token and the strength it provides (almost like a security blanket). The last reason is purely aesthetic, the color of Stainless Steel is deeper and richer than that of sterling silver.
Why can’t I post in the forums?
There are certain items within our support community that are only available to members that hold {or have held} a token. While those items are very limited, this is done to honor our close-knit community and keep the ‘trolls’ from ‘trolling’. Anyone may sign up for an account, once you’re signed in, feel free to read and comment on blogs and public journal entries.
Why don’t I get to select a screen name?
In my opinion screen names, although fun, are a cop out for being authentic and vulnerable. It’s easy to hide behind a screen name. By using your first name you have to be intentional and deliberate about what you choose to post. Hopefully, it will remind you to T.H.I.N.K { is it true, helpful, inspiring, necessary, kind} before you speak. …If it’s good enough for Brene Brown, it’s good enough for us…