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Grief And The Gratitude Rug

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We live in a crazy time right now. There aren’t really even words to express the myriad of emotions I’ve been through in the last five days of mandated social isolation thanks to Coronavirus. {If we’re getting honest I’ve been basically self-isolating since February 28th so I’m getting pretty good at this.}

That being said, I’ve seen two pretty prevalent things because of the COVID-19 outbreak {we’re just gonna skip over all the fear-mongering, #fakenews, and hoarding tendencies…}:

  1. Physical isolation is leading to mental and emotional isolation – but it doesn’t have to. People are turning inward and getting really think-y while they’re in seclusion. While I think self-awareness is positive there is such a thing as too much ‘alone time’. Just because we are not allowed to be within 6 feet of anyone we care about doesn’t mean we can’t get creative with how we stay mentally and emotionally connected.
    • FaceTime and Zoom can really be your friends right now. Even if you don’t normally call people ‘just to chat’ or text to say ‘Hi’. Try it!
    • Watch Netflix together (https://www.netflixparty.com/) and gab about Tiger King and Love is Blind
    • If you’re feeling a little twisted – head over to http://playingcards.io/ and play Cards Against Humanity
    • Or even break out your old school Nintendo Wii and play some Mario Cart
  2. We’re sweeping our grief under the gratitude rug. We, as a society, are losing a lot during this time of isolation. We’re all missing social gatherings, special events, time with family and friends, and sporting events. We could be losing income or businesses. It’s OK to be upset and grieve those losses. It doesn’t all have to be silver linings. Yes, your family is all together and healthy. You get the ‘extra time’ to do those projects around the house. You’re stocked on toilet paper. You’re finally gonna learn to play the guitar… You are allowed to grieve the things you’re losing over the next 30-ish days **and also** you can be grateful for what you do have.

Basically, do what you can to stay sane and keep as normal as possible of a routine – even though it probably won’t be easy at first. We’re in unprecedented times, but no one knows what they’re doing either – we’re all just trying to figure it out on the fly. Give yourself some grace and keep those connections going however you can 🙂


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