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Group Gifting

We know how important it is to share your love and condolences with a grieving friend. We also know that when that love comes from a group it means that much more.

By creating a group gift you can spread the love and let everyone contribute to this meaningful gift. Just follow the instructions below, then share your unique link. Once your gift is fully funded it will automatically be shipped to the recipient. There is no needs for you to collect names, notes, and money – we take care of all of that for you!

Please look for the progress bar on the right side of the page before contributing to the gift. There is a very small possibility that a gift can be overfunded. On the off chance that happens, the remaining funds will be donated to our partner charity. If a gift is not fully funded within 90 days an e-gift card will be created and delivered to the recipient.

**Please note, a unique group gift order should be created for each mailing address. This will ensure gifts are delivered to the correct destination. **

How it works

  1. Browse through our pieces and select the items you’d like to include in your gift (remember each mailing address will need its own order)
  2. Upon checkout, include the recipient’s details in the shipping fields, and your own in the billing.
  3. Select ‘Group Gift’ as your payment method. This will open a field for you to input your message – use this to tell others about the recipient and why someone should make a contribution to the group gift. This text will appear on your group gifting page.
  4. After you have completed checkout, follow the link and be the first to make a contribution. Then, use the social sharing links to share the page with others who would like to participate. Or, copy the link and share via email.
  5. The site will keep track of the funds contributed, once funds reach the gift total amount needed, the order will be processed and shipped to the recipient. Once fully funded, no additional funds will be able to be contributed to the gift.

  • Circle of Life Pendant with ‘Every Moment is Worthwhile’ Token

    119.99 – 159.99

  • Memory Keeper Keychain with ‘Every Moment is Worthwhile’ Token

    119.99 – 159.99

  • Circle Of Life Pendant Without Token Sharing Solace

    Circle of Life Pendant {without Token}


  • Memory Keeper Keychain Without Token Sharing Solace

    Memory Keeper Keychain {without Token}