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When You Should Journal

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The short answer? You should journal when you least want to. Period. End of sentence.

Oh, you want a real, more thorough answer? Fine then. Journaling allows you to deeply think about your thoughts and feelings while keeping them somewhere you can refer back to in the future {and to see how far you’ve come}.

I find journaling to be the most helpful for me when I’m having difficulty processing something going on in my life {good or bad!} or really need to think through a situation.

**Side story** I used journaling a LOT when I was first exploring the concept of Sharing Solace {something very good}…this is was before there was a name – before the mission was fully formed…it was just a concept and a feeling. Journaling allowed me to explore what I wanted this to be, what I wanted to make sure it wasn’t, and – from that – mold Sharing Solace into what it is today. Anytime I have a conundrum I go back to the beginning: I reread those old entries and start writing again.

{I’m saying it again} There’s something about getting your thoughts from head to heart to hand and out on the paper. The energy just starts to flow and you don’t always know what you’re thinking and what you’re going to write until it’s on the paper in front of you. There is something about writing that brings the subconscious to the conscious.

When you have that uneasy feeling in your tummy or you can’t seem to concentrate on what’s right in front of you. When your brain is fuzzy or your legs are twitchy – that’s when you know you have something that needs to be brought to your conscious mind. The best, easiest, fastest, safest way to do that is by writing it down.

Still feeling a little apprehensive and overwhelmed with the idea of journaling? Let me help! Check out the Free Sharing Solace Mini Gratitude Journal + Mood Tracker. It’s a great way to get started if a blank sheet of paper is a little too daunting…




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