Welcome to the Family

We know how isolating and all-consuming grief can be. We’re here to provide support as you travel your unique grief journey. We strive to help you to honor your grief, acknowledge that your grief is part of the process of healing, and allow yourself to become a stronger, happier person because of your life experiences.

Token + Locket Sets

Grief is love. Wear that love. Wear it for support – then share it for strength.

Have Crystal Speak

Schedule a keynote for your next wellness, training, or educational event.

Ongoing Support

You’re not supposed to know how to grieve. Let us be your sherpa.

Grief sucks. Grievers don't.

Grief is lonely and debilitating – whatever it is and however it’s experienced – constantly feeling misunderstood and isolated.

When you’re on the outside trying to love a friend in sorrow and pain you often feel helpless; unable to provide meaningful support or don’t have the soothing words.

Sharing Solace gives you the right tangible gift with a powerful community when you only have the wrong words to always ‘Remember. You’re not alone.’

Take a few moments to watch the below videos for more information on Sharing Solace, our mission, and offerings.