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Declutter: 2019 Word of the Year

It came to me like a ton of bricks…literally. I was digging through the basement for that ‘one thing’ I needed to finish up an end of the year project and it all came crashing down {almost} right on my head.I come from a long line of hoarders. Like certifiable, poster child for, should be […]

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Top 5 Tips for journaling about grief

Top 5 Grief Journaling Tips ✍️

Thinking, and working, through grief is the most difficult part of loss. Often, you don’t know what your thinking {or even IF you’re thinking}… The best way, I’ve found, to actively think through your thoughts is by writing them down.  Once written, you can revisit, review, and rewrite over and over again.Remember, you’re not writing […]

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Boo! (Hoo, Hoo): A Sob Story

I love…d… holidays. All of them but Halloween was my favorite. It was fun to dress up as someone {or something} else, walk around the neighborhood with all your friends, and have strangers give you candy {Remember this was the 80’s and 90’s when as long as there weren’t any razor blades in your candy […]

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Octopuses and Angel Wings

As long as I can remember I’ve been a fidgety person. Not because I’m nervous or anxious – I just like to be multi-tasking small tasks. I can’t watch TV or a movie without doing something with my hands too {otherwise I go crazy} and that normally means picking up my phone and playing a […]

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Ahh May: The B!tch is Back

May is a tough month for me: You see, pretty much everything that has ever happened in my life has happened in the month of May – the good and the…well…not so good.I got engaged in May and a year later married in May. I graduated with all {2} of my degrees in May. I […]

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2 Ingredient {Depression} ‘Brownies’

Remember a couple weeks ago when I promised my ‘famous’ recipe? …Don’t worry I forgot too…until just now. So, I decided to whip up a batch of my super easy ‘brownies’.And super easy is right! Two ingredients, a bowl and a spoon {or Target spoon-tula if you’re fancy like me}. I perfected this ‘recipe’ in the […]

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