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Boo! (Hoo, Hoo): A Sob Story

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I love…d… holidays. All of them but Halloween was my favorite. It was fun to dress up as someone {or something} else, walk around the neighborhood with all your friends, and have strangers give you candy {Remember this was the 80’s and 90’s when as long as there weren’t any razor blades in your candy you had free reign until the street lights came on}.

Halloween was also my favorite because it was just a few days after my birthday so I thought that I got SO MANY presents – all I had to do was ring the doorbell and they’d hand over the goods – and Autumn is my favorite season…that wonderful chill in the air.

And then, years later, I found out I was pregnant with Madelyn on Halloween – another reason the holiday was great!

So now? Well, not so great. It reminds me of all the things that *should* be taking place…and in a not so subtle way either.  Young, cute kids running and screaming through the streets with all their young, cute friends…all hopped up on sugar. Pictures all over social media of adorable costumes. It seems like no matter how much I prepare myself to participate in the day’s festivities by the time it’s actually time to DO IT…I’m just out.

The last few years the hubby and I have just hunkered down in the house with some take out and Halloween TV show reruns {or at least The Munsters and Addams Family on DVD}. He’s been there to fend off the kids that don’t quite get the no porch light=no candy paradigm. This year not so much…

Kyle’s out of town for a business trip so I figured I could just lock myself in the office, make sure all the lights are turned off, and hide out…but by 4pm I was already sick of being stuck in the house ‘working’ all day. And I just wasn’t convinced that I wasn’t going to hear the doorbell ring every 12 seconds.  But now what?

I got in my car with really no place to go – just knowing I had to hurry up and get there. When I need to be out of the house I normally go a couple of places: the mall or Ikea. But, given that this year was the coldest Halloween in like 20-something years I ruled those out figuring they would be extra crowded with Teletubbies, Pup Patrolers, and Elsa/Anas…

Chewing on my nails, I realized I needed a manicure. A-ha! Perfect – off to the nail salon! No kids there. Well, that’s gonna take 30 minutes…I should probably eat too. Ohh! I have a free dinner coupon, I’ll use that! So I’ve now made it to about 5:45pm I feel like trick-or-treating hasn’t really even started… MOVIES!! Cool, a special showing of the Director’s Cut of Little Shop of Horrors {a perfect Halloween activity} but I needed a treat too – so a quick stop at Target for some fun sized Reeces Pumpkins and Kit-Kats {’cause who can pass those up!?!}.

Turns out my ‘dreaded’ All Hallow’s Eve turned out to be a pretty nice little ‘me time’. A little pampering, a little treating myself, and overall a great evening alone. No tears, no reason for dread, life is all good.

Sometimes, I’ve realized, the anticipation of what is going to happen is much worse than what actually happens. I’d stressed myself out all afternoon only have a nice night, absolutely content spending time with myself. I just needed to stay in the moment.

When you find yourself getting all worked up over something take a breath, take a step back, and remember to stay in the present moment. Instead of thinking about what you should/could/would be doing stay focused on what you ARE doing…I know that always helps me 🙂


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