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2 Ingredient {Depression} ‘Brownies’

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Remember a couple weeks ago when I promised my ‘famous’ recipe? …Don’t worry I forgot too…until just now. So, I decided to whip up a batch of my super easy ‘brownies’.

And super easy is right! Two ingredients, a bowl and a spoon {or Target spoon-tula if you’re fancy like me}. I perfected this ‘recipe’ in the depths of my depression…first when I was homesick and lonely, and again after Madelyn’s death, and then again during our infertility treatments… {You know I’m not one to broadcast my life story…but I’m also not going to hide from it either}

I’ve always been one to eat my feelings, mostly via sugar, carbs, and extra, extra gluten… And I’ve had a LOT of feelings to eat since Madelyn’s death {and before that if we’re being honest}…to the tune of 50+ pounds.

**Back to the recipe** This came about because I’m lazy and impatient, and like ooey-gooey bad choices.

Ingredients: Brownie Mix (any variety), Milk

depression brownies 1

Step 1: Take the box of brownie mix and empty all or some of the mix into a mixing bowl. {How much willpower do you have? Me=none=whole box}

Step 2: Add a small amount of milk {and I mean SMALL amount of milk like 2 tablespoons – you cannot un-milk your brownie batter}

Step 3:  Mix and continue adding small amounts of milk until you get the consistency you like. {I like mine super thick}

Step 4: Use the same spoon-tula {one less dish to wash} to shove the batter into your mouth as quickly as possible. Don’t worry about getting it all over yourself, don’t even worry about making yourself sick…just keep eating.

depression brownies 2

If, mid-binge, you find your willpower {I’ve yet to find mind, good luck to you} you can put a lid on it and put it in the fridge for later – but I promise it’s not as good. It’s all cold and hard…you might as well just finish it off now…

And, the best part of the recipe is it’s ‘healthy’! No really….there’s no oil, no raw eggs…or the salmonella, calories, and fat that come with them. I use skim milk so I get extra brownie points there too {pun intended}.

Honestly, I haven’t made this ‘recipe’ in quite a while and have actually taken steps to being a healthier person {or maybe it’s the fact that I refuse to keep brownie mix in the house…}. Either way, 5 years ago, this was a staple in my diet. I had convinced myself it was better then a package of Oreos or a bottle of vodka….which it probably was.

This recipe and stage of my life reminds me of a quote from Maya Angelou: ‘Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

I’m ‘doing better’, are you?


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