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Declutter: 2019 Word of the Year

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It came to me like a ton of bricks…literally. I was digging through the basement for that ‘one thing’ I needed to finish up an end of the year project and it all came crashing down {almost} right on my head.

I come from a long line of hoarders. Like certifiable, poster child for, should be on the TV show, own storage containers for junk H.O.A.D.E.R.S. ‘I’m 2 generations removed from the Depression Era but I still live like everything is made of gold’ Hoarders. ‘If I looked long enough I could find every magazine from my 5-year subscription to YM magazine that stopped being published 15 years ago’ Hoarders.

On occasion, having this cr@p around has come in handy – I’ve been able to repurpose something, I’ve saved a few bucks here and there for not having to go out and buy a new _______, and I always have white elephant gifts. But, for the most part, it’s just stuff I have to deal with, dust, put away, clean, or ‘live around’

And that’s just the physical stuff. I’m decluttering my life and mind in 2019 too!

~ I’m ditching the time suck, drama-lama, don’t have a unique thought ‘friends’
~ I’m clearing out my computer hard drives of junk no longer needed – and organize it so I can find what I need!
~ I’m taking 90% of my apps off my phone – because they’re games and waste my time
~ I’m losing the guilt because ‘so and so gave this to me’
~ I’m closing some freaking browser tabs!
~ I’m taking things out of my head and putting it onto paper so it doesn’t use all that mental RAM
~ I’m being intentional with my social media to fill my soul, not drain my brain.
~ I’m removing the ‘have tos’ from my to-do list that no longer bring joy to my life.

The ‘stuff’ I have around me is giving me anxiety. The piles {and piles, and piles} of business cards and papers on my desk make me feel unproductive and like I’m missing something. The half used bottles of fancy lotion on the vanity remind me that I ‘should’ be moisturizing every day and gives me guilt for not…

It’s not going to be an all at once massive purge. It’s a consistent, intentional daily practice. Instead of just putting it back it’s going to the trash, the donation box, or straight up kicked to the curb. Things will get filed instead of stacked and to-dos will be prioritized, added to {then checked off!} the list.

So keep an eye out for me in 2019. I might be harder to spot but what I get rid of in quantity I’ll make up for in quality.

Have you chosen your word for this year? Do you have your resolutions? I’d ❤❤❤ to know what they are so I can support you! Share your word on our forums 😘


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