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F&%$k a Silver Lining

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Panic! At The Disco came to town last night. I’ve been following them for years but this new album really struck me and I’ve been listening to it on repeat since it came out….so Kyle got me tickets to the sold-out show for Christmas.

The first song on the album {the name of this post} has become my mantra. While the lyrics don’t really resonate with me – the idea of silver linings always have. Silver linings are one of those things that other dig up to make themselves feel good – like they magically found the antidote for your pain that no one else could.

** Here’s my analogy for you {it’s one of my favorites}: I have to preface this with my husband is a saint. He is amazing and so supportive. But sometimes he’s a real @$$. I, as his wife, I’m allowed to call him ever four-letter word in the book – and maybe even some that are made up. However, you don’t get to. The second you say one bad word about him you and I are gonna have to step outside. Platitudes and ‘silver linings’ are the same way: I can find all the silver linings I want…but the second you try to find them for me we’re going outside…

There’s just something about this song being so upbeat and ‘head boppy’ while giving a big ol’ middle finger to the world…it’s a song you {or at least I} want to roll down the windows and crank up like 16-year-old just starting summer vacation.

In some ways, it’s also how grievers feel when people try to cheer them up: a big painted on smile while internally cursing them out…

If you’d like to listen to the song here it is on Spotify. I couldn’t find a good clean version so you’ll wanna be sure there aren’t any little {or bosses} ears around.

Another thing that was just SUPER cool: before the concert, these little, colored paper hearts magically appeared. Printed on them was ‘Hold up and shine your phone light through during Girls/Girls/Boys’. I was like ‘OK, I’ll play along when the time comes’ and tucked away the little card in my back pocket.

So the song came on and phones went up. As I wouldn’t call myself a die-hard ‘Sinner’ I didn’t know what to expect…

This beautiful Rainbow began to appear around the arena bowl. Each section had a different color: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. It was just so mesmerizing, and maybe one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time. Everyone coming together to share the love.

Again, in a very similar and very different way, this is what Sharing Solace is all about: allowing you to be who you truly are. Allowing you to be authentic and real and know that you are still loved and respected for all your ‘idiosyncrasies’… Although we all may come from different backgrounds and have different stories there is this strong thread of LOVE sewing us all together.

You are Loved. You are Special. Remember. You’re not alone.


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