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Grief Doesn’t Take a Holiday – Don’t Let it Derail YOUR Holidays

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We’re less than eight weeks from the beginning of 2022…Can you believe it?

But first, we have to enjoy, entertain….and just plain get through…all the festivities (and parties, and get-togethers, and happy hours, and ‘quick visits’, and shopping, and cooking….and eating, you can’t forget all the eating…)

Over the last 12+ holiday seasons I’ve ‘celebrated’ without my Maddie, I realized that grief doesn’t take a holiday just because I do…in fact, it often gets in a little overtime. I found the only way to really  ‘make it through’ this time of year is to just give yourself a little compassion, embrace it, and allow yourself to ‘sit in the suck’ when you need to.

So, as you probably know, I’ve been working nonstop for the last several months to develop a guided experience to help you do just that – and it’s now time to share it with everyone!

Introducing the ‘Feel Your F&*@ing Feels’ Experience!

And, there are 2 great ways to get all the details and join the group before anyone else too!

  1. Click over to our Indiegogo Crowdfunding Page to watch our trailer video before the campaign goes live later this week. Feel free to add your email there too and you’ll be the first for an additional 10% off your contribution and extra goodies!
  2. Head over to our special website page and you’ll be able to apply to join our beta group that starts in December! We’re only accepting 25 grievers to ‘test drive’ our program. The whole program will be presented in a more casual format, free of charge – in exchange for your authentic participation and honest feedback. You’ll actually get to help finish out the program! How cool is that?!?

Wanna know more about the title? Read up on it here.

I’m so very excited to get this out into the world. I hope you’ll join me for the ride!

Please continue to stay safe and sane as we move through the holidays. We’re all in this together.


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