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Feel Your F’ing Feels – The Experience

This is not for the faint of heart: Feel your F’ing Feels is the new multi-week program designed to allow you to ‘sit in the suck’ while helping you feel ALL your feeling. We’ll dive deep and ‘Marie Kondo’ the cr@p outta your thoughts, feelings, and emotions: we’ll dump the whole mess out on the bed, inspect it, see what still sparks joy, thank it for its service, release what we no longer receive benefit from, and tidy up and organize what is left. {I mean, if it’s good enough for our underwear and waffle irons it’s gotta be good enough for our wellbeing too.}

There is actual {and really cool!} science behind resilience, happiness, mindfulness, and joy. But, when you’re in deep grief you don’t have the capacity to explore it yourself. You want to be spoon-fed sometimes.

Your small group of new friends in loss will come together for short daily lessons, activities, and exercises and bi-weekly virtual conversations that will provide you real-world tricks and strategies to help you get through the day, hour, or even minute…until your coping becomes comfort and solace.

Together, we will ‘Remember. You’re not alone.’

This experience {because using ‘program’ or ‘class’ doesn’t give it the umph it needs} will be officially launched to the public in May of 2022 but you can get early VIP access and help add the finishing touches!


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