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Stutz: A Reflection

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“Hey Crystal! What do you think about the new Jonah Hill documentary Stutz?”

Well, I’m glad you asked! I’ve already watched it about 3 times.

**Side note: in case you didn’t know, you can watch Netflix at 1.25 and even 1.5 times speed…perfect for documentaries where it’s mostly just dialogue. 😉 **

Dr. Phil Stutz talks about several of his most prolific concepts and his personal trauma in a candid conversation with his patient, Jonah Hill. I’ll be honest with you – I watched it 3 times because I needed to hear it a couple times before I fully understood what was going on…but once I got it I realized how much the concepts I scream from the mountain tops match up with Stutz’s.  I won’t rehash everything or bore you with my explanation you won’t want to watch the movie yourself…

Here are the three concepts that really stuck out to me:

Life Force → Move/Fake it Til You Feel it

Stutz thinks of your life force as a 3-level pyramid: body, {other} people, and yourself. While I do agree that each level is important, ‘level’ implies that you start at the bottom and work your way up. In a lot of ways this order might get you the quickest ‘wins’ – but I believe in process over perfection and if another level resonates more with you then start there.

Paraphrasing Stutz, If you don’t know where else to start you can always work on your life force. Sometimes it takes ‘going through the motions’ and working on better action {whether you want to or not} will turn into better habits – with your body, other people, and yourself.

Grateful Flow → 1-3-3 Journaling

If you haven’t taken my workshop on 1-3-3 journaling {I gotta say you’re missing out} it’s about reminding yourself that not every day is a good day BUT there is good in every day…sometimes you just gotta really look for it. It’s important to work to get into the grateful flow and focus on that gratitude because what you focus on expands {so make sure you’re focusing on the right thing!}.

I also have to say I really like his analogy of gratitude as an airplane flight too…

String of Pearls → Baby Steps

Stutz talks about actions being pearls with a string between each one. The thought is to just put the pearls on the string. You’re not judging the pearls/actions, or grading them. You just want to focus on putting another pearl on the string.

Baby steps are little actions {just like pearls} – sometimes the smallest possible action you can take – and by taking that action you are positioning yourself for another baby step. It ‘feels good’ to take a baby step – or string the pearls – so the goal is the more you do it the more you want to do it.

What did you take away from watching StutzDid you have any ‘ah ha’ moments? I want to know! Leave your comments below. Or, if you’d prefer to chat with a grief mentor 1-on-1 about some of these ideas {or other ones} just schedule a time!


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