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Resilience – What It Is & Why We Need Some of It

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Resilience…kinda a daunting word don’t you think? Everyone knows you ‘gotta have some’…but do we really know what it is? Or, how to get it? Or, why we really even need it?

I bet you’ve heard that phrase ‘everything happens for a reason’, right? {Cheese and rice, don’t get me started on platitudes, we’ll be here all day!} I prefer to say that phrase just a little differently:

Everything happens, you FIND the reason.

Those 6 words, right there, are my definition of resilience. It’s knowing you’re going to bend – but deep, deep down knowing you won’t let it break you. It’s not ‘just accepting’ the lemons thrown at you – but using them to make a delicious lemon meringue pie {then smashing it back in the face of life}.

Many think you’re born resilient, either you got it or you don’t…and in some respects that’s true but you can also learn resiliency.

Did you know there are 3 main building blocks to resilience? Well, there are – realistic optimism, redefining hope/meaning, and ritualized ingenuity.

Realistic optimism is the understanding that your glass is both half empty and half full. It’s focusing on solutions when change is possible and acceptance and humor when change is not.

Redefining Hope/Meaning is about allowing yourself to rise above your current suffering to become the victor, not the victim, in your own life. It’s about choosing to find the silver lining in your experiences and allowing those to bring you some comfort.

Ritualized Ingenuity is making do with whatcha got. It’s thinking about what you currently have and what you need – then trying to create the bridge between the two.

Resilience is about seeing both sides of the same coin and allowing both sides to be the truth. It’s understanding there is a dichotomy (in pretty much everything) and accepting that dichotomy.

So, how do you use these building blocks to become more resilient? That’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? But…Congratulations! You’ve already taken the first step to becoming more resilient – you got more information!

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