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Sharing Solace’s First Press Release

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I feel so official {and a little more adult-y than I would like}. I wrote my first press release. There’s just something so professional about a press release that’s a little intimidating, but it’s done now!

{** ‘I’ meaning myself and several  rounds of revisions for a professional journalist…so really only about 20% of it I wrote, but I’m taking credit 😝😝}

I know right?!?! I can talk ‘good’ when I have someone else filter through everything I say! Do you know anyone that would like to share the Sharing Solace story? Please comment below or send me an email and I’ll be sure they get a copy. You know I love to talk about my Madelyn to anyone that will listen!

In case you have a hard time reading the document above {it’s a little small} here it is for you again!

April 19, 2018



Olathe, Kansas—Sharing Solace LLC will offer unique help for sorting through deep-felt grief, beginning May 19.

The start-up, philanthropic company has a patent-pending system that uses a token locket to tangibly represent grief and the need to eventually release the pain and heaviness accompanying that grief.

The locket is made of two pieces, intended to be taken apart. The outer locket is designed to be kept forever close, reminding its owner of heartfelt memories, while the inner token is meant to be placed inside a new locket and gifted to another griever.

This process gives renewed meaning to each griever’s story and allows individuals to reach out beyond themselves—to others. They release their own grief while supporting new grievers.

Sharing Solace allows each token’s path to be followed as it moves from person to person with an online “token tree.” Online forums and personal journals also are offered for grievers to “crowd source” their journeys as they move through their grief, says Crystal Webster, founder and CSO of Sharing Solace. The sharing of feelings provides a sense of strength and community.

Traumatic grief navigation is something Webster knows all too well. She says,

“Grief is lonely and debilitating. When my infant daughter, Madelyn Elizabeth, died in my arms, I spiraled into a depression. I felt like I had no one who understood my pain. Eventually, I began to see the light – but all the gifts I was given at her funeral brought back the heartache. ‘Hiding’ those gifts lifted my heart, but also made me feel guilty for putting them away. Sharing Solace was developed to honor the legacy of my daughter while helping reduce the isolation of grief.”

Join Sharing Solace online for the website launch and token pre-order event May 19 (Madelyn’s birthday) at SharingSolace.com.

For additional information, contact Crystal Webster at Crystal@SharingSolace.com.

About Sharing Solace:
Sharing Solace was founded by Crystal Webster, a bereaved mother, after the death in 2010 of her infant daughter, Madelyn Elizabeth. The goal is to help grievers during their initial traumatic grief by providing tangible gifts INTENDED to be given to others when they no longer bring the previous owners the comfort they once did. The unique, online community provides a low-pressure, safe environment to explore the thoughts and feelings that accommodate grief. SharingSolace.com


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