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Pregnancy Loss and Infant Death Alliance 2018 Conference

I am SO bad at taking pictures {I think I’d rather be living in the moment than documenting it…} And this is the only one I took over the last few days.

The International Perinatal Bereavement Conference was one of the most rewarding and draining experiences of my life…and I’m super excited for Chicago in 2020. PLIDA is the Pregnancy Loss and Infant Death Alliance. They are medical practitioners, researchers, funeral directors, counselors, parent advocates, non-profits, and so many others coming together to help to ease the pain of losing a child at any stage of the pregnancy.

I was moved to tears many times at the love, compassion, and dedication of these fabulous people. Many have experienced they’re own loss – but many had not… It was FASCINATING to learn about all the areas and all the ways that our community is lifting each other up.

I was HONORED to be allowed in such great company and was privileged to share my little piece of love and hope with the community.

To be perfectly honest, I was surprised by how nervous I was driving into St. Louis for the PLIDA conference. I’ve made the trip a hundred times – living in Kansas City, St. Louis is a quick little get-away. But this time was different…

I’ve never really shared Madelyn’s story is such a public setting. I mean yes, my family and friends know all about Sharing Solace, I’m always sharing here on the internet, and I’ve even been able to share on the TV news – but that was behind the ‘privacy’ of a camera.

Being in front of real, live people – with real, live opinions is tough. Especially real, live people who are ‘in the trenches’ every day.

As I was unpacking my green homemade potting bench I began to realize the caliber of people I was in the company of: award-winning writers, amazing non-profits, inspiring therapists, and beautiful memorials…I was really second guessing my lil’ bootstrapped passion project. I almost decided to go up to my hotel room and hide under the covers for the rest of the conference…

I’m so VERY glad that I put on my big girl panties and started talking to strangers 😉


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