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Pennies, and Nickels, and Dimes…Oh My!

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I attended a networking event earlier this week – OK, it was an award recognition event for being a ‘Small Business Superstar’ in Kansas City {I know, low-key flex. Thanks Kansas City Chamber of Commerce}.

If we’ve ever met, you know once I get warmed up I can even get a brick wall to talk to me. About halfway through the event, I went to get a beverage – believe it or not it wasn’t even an adult beverage! On my way back to the crowd I came across a woman who wasn’t actively speaking to anyone so, of course, I stuck out my hand and said “Hi! I’m Crystal – like the precious gem I am.” {You either think I’m super adorable or roll your eyes…and I walk away after a line like that.}

Dorthy* is a lovely puzzle maker* AND it just so happens that I will be in the market for some puzzles before the end of the year. We talked for a few minutes before her uncle* and business partner walked over. Jose* introduced himself, we chatted a bit more, then he looked at Dorthy and said “Did you tell her our story?”

“It’s not my story to tell.”

Jose looks at me and says “Four years ago my daughter was killed in a car accident.”

Immediately I said, “I’m going to give you a hug, OK?” followed quickly by, “Would you like to speak her name?”

Her beautiful name is Lauren and I look forward to getting to know much more about her as my relationship with her dad and cousin* grows.

Our conversation continued for a few more minutes – and I gotta tell you…it was just ‘better’. We talked about signs we get from our daughters and why they’re our signs. One of Lauren’s signs is rogue dimes; my Madelyn’s have always been pennies. {Those are different stories for different days.}

Fast forward to this afternoon – I took a video call from my office then needed to readjust my equipment for another project. I’d forgotten the camera is always just a little bit wonky and needs to be leveled out each time I set it up. As I was taking everything apart – lights, microphone, camera, etc – I hear a clatter. Right there, in the middle of my desk is a dime. My webcam had been ever so slightly off balance – just enough that wedging a dime under one side fixed it.

Lauren just wanted to say ‘Hi’ and that she was happy I got to meet her family. So, of course,  I reached out to Dorthy and Jose to let them know ❤️

Do you get signs from your person? How do you know they’re there watching over you?


* Facts have been changed to protect the guilty innocent

One thought on “Pennies, and Nickels, and Dimes…Oh My!

  1. Beautiful story of love and Lauren showing up. I am glad you are providing solace to so many around the country and sharing your light and life. I hope to see you soon, friend. Keep changing lives.


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