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Madelyn’s 6th Birthday Announcement!

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Madelyn's Birthday Announcement

Today is Madelyn Elizabeth's sixth birthday. It feels like just yesterday (and also a hundred years ago) that I held her in my arms. It's been six hard years, however I'm a much better and stronger person than before Maddie left this earth.I am so very excited to officially announce our new project, Sharing Solace, in honor of Madelyn; and all the others that have left us too early.(Please pardon my lack of acting skills, just getting through this without uncontrollable sobbing and rambling hit my 'max ability' threshold.)

Posted by Sharing Solace on Thursday, May 19, 2016

Don’t want to watch the video? Read the transcript below:

Happy birthday Miss Madelyn! Today would be Madelyn Elizabeth’s sixth birthday and in honor of her birthday I am very excited to introduce to you her new project, Sharing Solace. It truly amazes me just how many lives Madelyn touched. Her grasp reached so much further than her 8 short hours of life should have allowed, and I always felt compelled to honor that. I’ve spent the last six years of my life grieving from her loss, healing my heart, and searching the best way to show the world that Madelyn’s spirit lives on. Sharing Solace is meant to honor her and to make her proud.

Anyone who’s experienced grief understands just how debilitating it can be, the loneliness and isolation set in – you feel like you’re the only person that has ever, ever been sad and it takes every bit of your energy just to get out of bed in the morning. This is exactly how I felt for the first three years after Madelyn’s death.Every bit of my energy went into just sustaining, and that is no way to live your life. It was then that I realized the things that I surrounded myself with; the teddy bears, the baby blankets, the items that used to bring me comfort now just brought back the pain. It was time to let those things go so I know box they went but now what?

They held sentimental value so they couldn’t be thrown away and many of them were personalized so they couldn’t be given away so they continue to sit in the back of my closet. Now however there was something very freeing about letting those things go and removing them from my view but it also just seemed wrong to hide them. There had to be something out there that was intended to help multiple people grieve and to be passed along. When I couldn’t find anything like that Sharing Solace was born.

So what does that mean and what is Sharing Solace? We create a meaningful community of grievers and thoughtful tokens to bring moments of solace and support during a time of great grief. When you receive your Sharing Solace token keep it with you as a touchstone. Let it bring you back to the happy times and remind you that you are strong and we’ll get through this. When you find your token no longer brings you that solace you know it is time to release it and, symbolically, that rain cloud over your head grief. Release, or gift, the token to someone you know who is also suffering from their own grief. You can follow your tokens journey and see all the lives that is touched on our website.

Unfortunately, though, our website is not ready and are tokens are far from being available. However today is special. Today is Madelyn’s birthday – the driving force behind Sharing Solace. It is very important, and very symbolic, that Sharing Solace be announced today, May 19th. So, Madelyn and I would like to ask for your help. Please like and share this video if you know someone that could benefit from our mission and please consider liking our Sharing Solace Facebook page if you’d like to continue to follow us on our journey. We cannot change the world and combat the ongoing stigma of grief without your help.<


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