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How do you Pay It Forward?

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Sometimes the best way to ‪#‎bgr8ful365‬ is to pay it forward…and definitely one of my favorites 🙂 Studies have shown that giving affects the person doing the giving as much (sometimes more) then the person being given to. How do you ‪#‎payitforward‬?

Want the transcript instead?

Hey everyone, Crystal Webster with Sharing Solace here.

So anybody that knows me knows that I love my coffee. In fact, if they had an IV drip of coffee I totally would do that! That being said, I have every rewards card imaginable: I got the punch cards, I got the tokens, I got the points, I got the cold stars, you name it – I got plenty of them.

So here’s my tip today to kinda put a little bit of extra love out there in the world and pay it forward. Anytime I have enough points, or stars, or punches, or whatever to have a free coffee I make sure the next time I go for coffee to go through the drive thru. I go through the drive thru I buy my coffee {which tends to be on the cheaper side of the coffee scale} with cash but then, the car behind me – I use my free coffee to buy their coffee.

Hopefully, what that does is it kinda brightens their day a little bit, it makes them remember there are still nice people out there in the world, and {with any luck} they’ll have a little bigger smile on their face and maybe do something nice for the person behind them – or just do something nice for a random stranger. Random acts of kindness.

I like to do this: 1, ’cause I like coffee and 2. it can really benefit them and have a big impact but at the end of the day it really doesn’t cost me anything. I’m gonna buy that coffee anyway. I’m gonna buy my coffee no matter whether I pay for someone else’s or not and this way, I get to do something good for someone else. Oftentimes it’s a complete stranger.

So, take that tip – buy a stranger a cup of coffee, and until I see you next time…Get Grateful!


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