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Be a Pineapple 🍍

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Be A Pineapple

You probably know how much I love my pineapples. If it’s pineapple flavored – I’ll eat it. If it’s pineapple scented – I’ll smell it. If it has a pineapple on it – I’ll wear it. If it’s pineapple inspired – I probably already own it!

Did you know that pineapples are a symbol of wealth and welcome too? {I found this fascinating so I’m gonna share with you!} Back in the day of Christopher Columbus, pineapples were only able to be grown in the Caribbean {hot and humid you know}… Good old Chris came about them while exploring the new world and brought some back to Europe. People LOVED them {sweets were in high demand and short supply at the time} but here was the rub – it was super hard to get whole pineapples from the Caribbean to Europe by boat {remember, that’s all they had back then} before they rotted.

Because they were so hard to get to Europe in one piece only the richest of the rich could afford them {in today’s dollars one pineapple would cost upwards of $10k!} So these fruits became status symbols – having a pineapple on your party table made you the hostess with the mostest! So much so that, often times, one pineapple would be rented as a centerpiece for one party in the afternoon then a sold to a more exclusive {think more expensive} party in the evening where it would be actually eaten. If you were able to have just one bite of a fresh pineapple then you were really making it!

When sea captains would return home from their Caribbean travels they would take a pineapple {normally one a little past it’s prime because, come on, if you could sell a pineapple for $10k  why wouldn’t you!?!?!} and spear it to the fence post – symbolizing to his friends and neighbors that he was home safe and ready for company. If you saw a pineapple out front of a home you were invited in. As this practice began to spread you began to see inns use the symbol in their ads and decorating. That’s why you’d see door knockers, welcome signs, serving pieces, and even bedposts with pineapples engraved – a way of showing that all were welcome.
Interesting isn’t it!?!

So, pineapples are everything I strive to be in life: Sweet, Wealthy {not just financially}, Welcoming…and of course wearing a crown 👑! {Every every time I see a pineapple I think of the quote above.} Why would anyone NOT love a pineapple for all it symbolizes?


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