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Baby Steps Across the World 🌏

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So, here I am, Day #1 of my once in a lifetime trip to India. Twenty-nine hours on 3 planes (with an extra landing thrown in). I did it all by myself too. I didn’t freak out when my flight to Frankfurt wasn’t on the board, or when I went to the wrong gate even though that’s where I was told to go just minutes before the plane was supposed to take off. I didn’t even freak out when, after 9+ hours on a plane I hear “German, German, German, Out of Fuel, German, German, German, Emergency Landing, German…”

So here I am – in one piece, found the hubs {he’s been here for 3 weeks for work already}, and checked into the hotel. I’m a little worse for wear – jet lagged, hungry, and thirsty. My body thinks it’s bedtime {I’m LITERALLY halfway around the world with a time difference of 11.5 hours} and I haven’t really slept in about 36 hours.

I really wanna lay in bed all day and sleep. I also know I should be out exploring while Kyle’s at his last day of work. But, to be honest, I’m a little bit nervous to meander the dirt covered construction zone that is Bangalore alone, and on no sleep. I have to do something to stay out of the hotel room and awake. So here I am at the pool: sitting in the sun, trying to get some vitamin D…so I can stay awake now and sleep later.

I could be beating myself up about being scared to venture out on my own and not taking ‘full advantage’ of the opportunity. But instead I choose to focus on the positive:

  • I made it for 3 weeks without Kyle at home {I managed to feed and water myself and not burn down the house}
  • I took the longest flights of my life like a champ {and didn’t even lose anything!}
  • I broke out of my comfort zone by even making this trip {it would have been a lot easier and cheaper to stay home – alone or not}
  • And, I’m not up in the room asleep or trying to follow along with  Bollywood movie right now.

When you look at it that way I’m doing pretty darn good. 😉 Next time you want to get down on yourself for what you DIDN’T do I dare you to turn it on its head and be happy and grateful for what you DID do – you can thank me later!


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