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Have you wanted to reach out to a grieving friend, but just can’t find the right words?

Sometimes there just are no words. We understand that. And, we know how important it is to have a physical touchstone during deep grief. This is why we designed our two-piece locket as a tangible piece to hold while bringing solace. It’s not just a gift, it’s the first step in the journey towards finding new happiness.

Our pieces provide a physical focus for grief. It also is the key that unlocks a world of invaluable support from others – walking their own grief journey. When a Sharing Solace token is registered, lifelong access to our online community, forums, personal journal, and other resources – even after the token has been gifted forward – is opened. Follow the token as it travels from person to person with our Token Tree, taking comfort in the fact you are bringing solace to others.

Our technology-elevated, pass-along-able Locket + Token Sets are intended to be kept as long as they bring strength

– then passed forward to another to share the support. It’s what we call the ‘Circle of Solace’:



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When your loved one is grieving

you don’t know what to do or say {oftentimes because there is nothing to do or say}. You feel just as lost as the one grieving…so you cook a pot roast and buy a bouquet of flowers.

Please Stop

These are short-sighted ‘solutions’ to an ever-present ailment. Pot roasts get eaten – or they mold. And flowers? Flowers are a beautiful reminder that everything – yes everything – dies. Your person needs love, support, and hope – not just today, or tomorrow, or next week – but for the months and years to come.

Give them that constant reminder that you love and support them. Give your loved one a Sharing Solace piece.

Here’s how it works:

Keep your Locket + Token near your heart as long as it brings you comfort. When it no longer brings that same comfort, it symbolizes it’s time for you to release the heavy on your heart, all-consuming grief.

That’s when you remove your inner Token from your outer Locket. Place your inner Token into a new outer Locket – and pay that new locket forward to another griever. Paying forward your Token pays forward some of the love and strength you gained along your own grief journey.

You continue to wear your outer Locket {now open} as a ‘badge of honor’ and a constant reminder that you always have a hole in your heart AND you will always be a whole person.

Each inner Token has a unique identifier inscribed on the back. This allows you to register your Token on our Token Tree and follow along as it moves from person to person – connecting with others on uniquely similar journeys {sharing as much of your story and journey as you choose}. There is something powerful about being able to visibly see you are not alone.

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A Sharing Solace Locket + Token offers:

  • Comfort 

    – Your gift acknowledges their loss and shows you want to give support.

  • Support 

    – We help you say the words when you just don’t know how.

  • Strength 

    – These pieces give strength during the initial, all-consuming, heavy-on-your-heart grief.

  • Community 

    – Journals and message boards allow them to find others that are walking a uniquely similar grief path.

  • Resources 

    – Not just beautiful jewelry: these tokens act as a touchstone of support and unlock a lifetime of online grief resources.

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What can a Sharing Solace Token do?

Sometimes words are just not enough.  Flowers, meals, and condolence cards all show you care but their efforts quickly fade. When you want to offer lasting support a Sharing Solace piece is the perfect gift. Not only are you showing you care now you’re also giving them access to an invaluable support network that will help in the days, weeks, and years to come.


View Our Locket + Token Sets Now