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Unique, inspirational, and {a sprinkle of} irreverence:
Crystal will have you laughing about crying. Death, loss, and grief are not easy to discuss – and it can be a great time too.


Some favorite speaking topics include:
My Daughter’s Death Made Me Happier

No, not how you think – but – I am happier today.

Waiting to Die —> Loving to Live

…and there are some very interesting delimitations to note.

Your Person Dies Twice

And, believe it or not, you have some control.

Pivoting My Passion

Sometimes you gotta roll with the punches – and that may not look exactly how you expected it to.

Programs can be designed and customized specifically for your audience. Have a concept in mind? Let’s talk! Or, if you’re looking for an interactive workshop please view pre-created options here.


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