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Words You Don’t Say…

“…Well at least you didn’t ACTUALLY get to KNOW her…”

I was talking to someone I see on occasion the other day. I don’t actually know her – just her name…well, and now WAY more than I ever want to…

We ‘talked’ for maybe 20 minutes and in between hearing all about her family’s issues she went on and on about the only thing she’s ever wanted to do in her life is be a mother and how it’s just the absolute greatest… {…You get the idea…}

Finally, she asked why I didn’t have kids. And pushed and pushed until I finally told her about Madelyn {hoping it would get her off my case a little bit}. Nope. Instead, her response was “At least she died young and you didn’t have time to really get to know her.”

Needless to say, that was the end of the conversation…and probably any friendly relationship going forward…




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