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An Evening of Sharing Solace – An Afternoon of the Crazy Deli Lady

As per usual, I’m a day late and a dollar short.

I waited too long to order the deli platter from Hy-Vee so I had to make one myself for An evening of Sharing Solace with Children’s Orchard Olathe {which, like an idiot, I scheduled on the 9th anniversary of the news that Madelyn would not survive after birth}.

Trying to find the stuff I needed at the deli counter – a lady {I believe her name was Deana} came up behind me to stock the shelves. I was talking to the butcher {Garrett maybe?} about how I was trying to make the thing I would normally order in advance and she asked if she could help with anything else. After I rattled off my laundry list of things ‘she could help with’ {clean my house, fix my car tire, get Amazon to deliver my stuff} she asked what kind of party I was having.

I told her it wasn’t so much a ‘party’ as a gathering of woman who have lost their children and how I’m hosting something today and another on Sunday. I all but broke down right there between the hard salami and the make your own peanut butter station.

You could tell she didn’t know what to say or how to respond {nor was I really listening, I was inside my own head} but she didn’t run off like most people would. We continued to chat for a couple more minutes then she told me to ‘have the best day I could’ and went along her way – while I checked out and went home to make my own version of a party platter.

There really is a ‘helpful smile in every aisle’. Thank you, employees of Hyvee, for humoring the crazy lady having her first mental breakdown of the season in the middle of your store.




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