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A poem I wrote for Harper out of grief and terrible pain

Pictures on walls and flowers in vases

clothes that smell of you, stay in dark cases

avoiding at all costs, the questions that come

not wanting the pain, I welcome the numb

to say that I miss you doesn’t even begin

to explain the emptiness i’m feeling within

perfect you came, now perfect you are

dancing on moonbeams and swinging on stars

I’ll hold you again one day when I’m through

families are forever, I know this is true

I’m growing, you  know, from this trial I’m facing

the scriptures I’m searching, my sins I’m erasing

stepping into the dark, I hold my breath for the fall

some days I slip, others I stand tall

I’m navigating this life, with His help, mind you

no way I would make it on my own virtue

sometimes I lose focus and forget why I’m here

but I look at my son’s faces, and suddenly it’s clear

the purpose to living, the reason we’re here

to gain experience and overcome fear.

One thought on “A poem I wrote for Harper out of grief and terrible pain

  1. How beautiful Deana!! XOXOXOXO


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