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Advancing Humanity – May 2020

From Charle at Advancing Humanity:

Crystal Webster is an author and the founder of Sharing Solace, a network that connects others who are experiencing grief. Crystal is the mother of Madison, who was her inspiration to start this amazing service, where you can track the journey of your token that passes through other people’s lives as they grieve.

Crystal shares her tragic story of losing her baby after 8 hours of life. She says that Madison, her baby girl, got a tremendous amount of love in such little time, and is truly grateful to have had that precious few hours to spend with her.

Curled up in the chair with the room that would have been where she nursed and cuddled with her newborn baby 10 years ago, Crystal is our hero as her strength and vulnerability as a human being shines through for others to hold on to.

Her book, “Confessions of a Griever: Turning a Hot Mess into an Haute Message (Laughable Lessons for When Life Just Sucks” is a choose-your-own-adventure type of book that emulates the process of grief, never linear or circular.


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